Turn-key projects

ESET assumes the process engineering, the improvement, adjustement and lay-out study.
Any modification around the machine is considered regarding its interface in order to integrate it in a complete project on inovative "turn-key" project.


ESET manufactures new equipements.
ESET integrates new and refurbished machinery to offer technico-economical interesting projects.

Refurbishing & resizing

ESET purchases and sells second-hand machinery. These materials can be available in our stores or researched throught our customers and network worldwidely . The equipements can be refurbisched for their reuse.

Installation & comissioning

ESET with its professional crew assumes the installation of any new and refurbished machinery such as fourdrinier wet part, press section, dryer section..., and performs transfert of paper machine.
ESET assists for commisioning.

Trades of materials

ESET brings to you Stainless Steel, Aluminium, etc...

Shipments overseas

ESET assumes every step of the shipments, anywhere in the world.